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About Emirates

Emirates, the prestigious and one of the best airlines of the United Arab Emirates, operates primarily from Dubai International Airport (DXB). Established in 1985, Emirates has emerged as a global aviation leader. As a prominent Oneworld alliance member, Emirates is celebrated for offering exceptional travel experiences to its passengers. The Emirates fleet showcases a range of contemporary aircraft, including Airbus A380, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787 Dreamliner, totalling 269 Aircraft (+ 130 On Order/Planned).

Emirates Flight Status

Once you’ve confirmed your Emirates flight reservation, keeping an eye on your flight’s status is vital for a smooth travel experience. You can conveniently monitor your flight’s status through the Emirates official website and the flight tracker tool. It offers real-time updates on your Emirates flight, ensuring you are well informed about any changes in the schedule. This valuable information allows you to plan your trip efficiently, arrive at the airport promptly, and enjoy a stress-free journey.

Emirates In-Flight Experience

Emirates is dedicated to providing passengers with a luxurious and comfortable in-flight experience. Regardless of your cabin class, you can expect spacious seating, a diverse selection of entertainment options, in-flight Wi-Fi for connectivity, delicious dining choices, complimentary amenity kits, and convenient power outlets. The airline also offers exclusive services like gourmet dining, private suites in First Class, lie-flat seats in Business Class, and dedicated cabin crew. With Emirates, your travel experience is not just a journey; it’s a world of comfort and luxury above the clouds, ensuring every moment in the air is exceptional.

About Emirates Policies 

Emirates has crafted its policies to simplify your travel experience, covering everything from booking and cancellations to baggage allowances. These policies are thoughtfully designed to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free journey.

Emirates Baggage Allowance Policy

Economy Class: Emirates offers passengers in Economy Class varying checked baggage allowances, depending on the fare type chosen i.e. 20 kg in Economy Special, 25 kg in Economy Saver, 30 kg in Economy Flex, and 35 kg in Economy Flex Plus. Passengers can bring one cabin bag weighing up to 7 kg (55 x 38 x 22cm).

Premium Economy Class: Emirates’ Premium Economy Class travellers can enjoy a generous checked baggage allowance of up to 35 kg. Additionally, they are permitted one piece of cabin baggage with a total weight of up to 10 kg (55 x 38 x 22cm).

Business Class: Business Class travellers can enjoy a generous checked baggage allowance of up to 40 kg. Additionally, they are permitted two pieces of cabin baggage with a total weight of up to 14 kg (7 kg each) and one handbag or garment bag.

First Class: Passengers flying in Emirates’ First Class can bring checked baggage with a maximum weight limit of up to 50 kg. They can also carry two pieces of cabin baggage with a combined weight of up to 14 kg (7 kg each) and one handbag or garment bag.

Emirates Check in Policy

Emirates provides a convenient and time-saving check-in policy to ensure your journey is stress-free. Passengers can choose Emirates online check in, accessible through smartphones or laptops, which helps avoid lengthy queues at the airport. Emirates web check in is available from 48 hours up to 90 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Alternatively, you can opt for check-in at the Emirates counters at the airport. Consider reaching the airport atleast 3 hours before the departure of your flight.

Emirates Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you ever need to cancel your Emirates flight, you can start the process by contacting the airline or your travel agent. The refund process depends on the fare category and the timing of your cancellation. Passengers who made their Emirates flight booking at least one week before the departure date may qualify for a refund if they cancel within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket.

Emirates Special Assistance

Emirates is committed to providing a comfortable journey for all passengers, including those with special needs. The airline offers special assistance for travellers with mobility challenges, visual or hearing impairments, and hidden disabilities. If you need wheelchair assistance, please request it in advance of your flight. For stretcher assistance, passengers should provide the necessary medical documentation in advance to ensure a seamless and stress-free travel experience.

Emirates Flight Classes

Emirates provides a range of flight classes tailored to meet diverse passenger preferences:

Emirates Economy Class

Emirates Economy Class offers a comfortable and cost-effective travel experience. Passengers can enjoy amenities like in-flight entertainment, adjustable seating, and complimentary meals and beverages. Choose from four fare options – Special, Saver, Flex, and Flex Plus.

Emirates Premium Economy Class

Emirates Premium Economy Class combines affordability with enhanced comfort. Passengers can enjoy more legroom, wider seats, and extra amenities, making it a great choice for those seeking a little extra luxury in their travel experience.

Emirates Business Class

Emirates Business Class passengers can indulge in a premium travel experience. With spacious seats, on-demand dining, and access to exclusive lounges, this class ensures a luxurious journey on flights from UAE to India

Emirates First Class

Emirates First Class offers the epitome of luxury air travel. Passengers in this class enjoy private suites with fully flat beds, dedicated staff, gourmet dining, and access to premium lounges. It’s an exceptional way to experience the pinnacle of travel luxury.

Emirates Customer Service

Emirates is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support to enhance your travel journey. Their customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns. You can reach out to Emirates using the following contact details:

Emirates Airlines contact number: +611300303777 (General Queries); +919167003333 (India) 

For additional assistance or inquiries, you can also submit a feedback form through Emirates’ official website.

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FAQs on Flights to India from Dubai

Q: Can I bring extra luggage on Emirates flights?

A: Yes, you can bring extra luggage on Emirates flights, but additional charges will apply. The fees for excess baggage vary depending on your route and destination. For specific details and baggage allowance information, please refer to the Emirates website or contact their customer service.

Q: How early should I arrive at the airport for my Emirates flight?

A: Emirates recommends that passengers arrive at the airport at least three hours before the scheduled departure time for international flights. For domestic flights, arriving two hours in advance is generally recommended.

Q: How does the Emirates Skywards program work?

A: The Emirates Skywards program is a loyalty program that rewards passengers with Skywards Miles when they fly with Emirates. These miles can be used for various benefits, such as free flights, upgrades, and more.

Q: Are there any special meal options available for passengers with dietary restrictions or preferences on Emirates flights?

A: Yes, Emirates offers a variety of special meal options to accommodate passengers with dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and more. These special meals should be requested during the booking process or by contacting Emirates’ customer service at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

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